My Time on the Side Line

It’s not very often I sit on the sideline, to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever sat on the sideline due to my own injury. I’ll rewind back to April this year, I had the most amazing holiday planned in May to Botswana. Unsure what to do with Arnie during this time, I decided to send him down to the AquaGait at Menangle along with one of our race horses for some cross training.

My time on the side line

Arnie was most upset that I had left him! I had this horrible image that kept replaying in my mind on the other side of the world, that look he gave me when I dropped him off. That sad, bottom lip, long face look.  I knew deep down I didn’t have to worry as he was in the best hands. But it was still replaying in my mind over and over again.

my time on the side line injury

The 1st of May rolled around quickly, and I was boarding that Qantas flight to Johannesburg, sparkling wine in one hand and a smile on my face ready for that 14-hour journey. Once we landed in Johannesburg it was time to refresh ourselves for a good night’s sleep before our flight the next day to Maun, Botswana. Excited was an understatement, I’ve been on safari before in Botswana and absolutely loved every minute of it. In another life if I didn’t have horses (which mind you is totally hard to imagine!) I could honestly pick up and move to that part of the world.

on the side line

One of the things I love about being on safari is the small planes, flying to and from the airstrips into the different camps is an experience in itself. In total we had 12 nights on safari, 6 of these nights were at two different camps. The last one we were out on a mobile safari for 6 nights, which is honestly the best experience. Bucket showers, no power, tents. Amazing. Truly back to nature, well, as close as possible. With a glass of bubbles to finish the days journey.

on the sideline

We saw so much wildlife, elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, hyenas, wild dogs, honey badgers, baboons, kudu, impalas, jackals, leopards, lions, hippos, mongooses, sables… and soo much more including an incredible amount of bird life. Which I feel is a little hidden interest of mine! I could honestly write pages upon pages about my holiday in Botswana, but I might make that a totally separate post.


Very much into the safari groove with only another 2 nights left in the amazing Okavango Delta is when I fractured my collarbone, I’m thankful it was towards the end of my holiday not the beginning. A little mishap at approx. 4:30 am when a tree decided to fall onto my tent and give me a little squash! Enough to scare everyone that’s for sure. I am incredibly lucky to walk out of it with what I did, but I’m also appreciative for all the help and support from the people on safari helping me that morning and the days after while I was recovering in Maun.

When I arrived home a fair few days after the incident, sore, bruised, stitched up and perhaps feeling a little sorry for myself. The first thing I did when I arrived back at the property was to go and see Arnie, I still had that horrible image floating around in my mind when I dropped him off at the AquaGait. He was excited to see me, which was a massive relief. As if that weight was lifted from my mind. He was a bit concerned what was wrapped around me, I’m lucky he is definitely a sensitive kinda guy and didn’t knock my shoulder.

While it has now been just over 6 weeks since my little accident, stitches out of my ear, CT scan being cleared of any fractured skull, X-Rays showing I’m going to live, but its healing on a very slight angle. My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon assured me I could start riding again in another 2 weeks time after another X-Ray. If feels amazing to be able to do ‘normal’ things again,! Look out horses, 2 weeks of lunging and I’ll be back in the saddle again soon!

It’s so easy to get deflated, become unmotivated while sitting on the sideline. And frankly easy to get unfit and a little chubbier!

injury on the sideline