Quick view of my daily routine

I’ve had loads of questions about my routine, which also includes my feed. I’ll be honest, it’s something I’m consistently trying to improve and tweak better.

I wanted to do a quick write up about my daily overview with our feed to give you a bit of an insight to my day in the stables, I’m happily admitting to you that I will be doing a blog about our feeding routine soon! Because that sounds like too much fun to do!

The Morning Run

Usually between 6:30-7am all horses who are stabled and paddocked at night are fed hay for breakfast.

The happy horses enjoy their breakfast for about 30 minutes then are turned out to their day paddocks. Those who are paddocked full time are waved goodbye for the day wishing they continue to make the right life choices- ha ha!

While the horses who are stabled are enjoying their morning feed, their stables are cleaned, their rugs are changed to the appropriate weather for the day.

It’s funny, I used to enjoy getting up super early to ride before work, but now I’m finding myself getting into a better routine by turning them out into the paddocks earlier and working in the afternoon.

Probably the most important part of my routine is the cleaning in the morning, having all the stables cleaned, tidying up the feed room, tack room and general stable area. Making sure all the waters are full in the paddocks and stables and any fresh bedding put into the stables if needed. This mentally lets me fly into the afternoon run much better when everything is done in the morning.

I’ll admit it’s something I’m trying to get better at, as some days when I finish work, I don’t really feel like gathering up the energy to ride. But its mind over matter and I get it done!

The Afternoon Run

The afternoon rolls around and it’s time for the afternoon feeds, this is all their hard feeds.

The horses who are paddocked during the day are bought in around 3-3:30pm, this saves them from running around and causing too much trouble in those afternoons hoons. You know the ones that make your heart stop for a second!

At the moment I’m only working one horse, so lucky Bert is groomed, geared up and is worked in the afternoon. It usually takes me around 20-30 minutes before my ride to get him ready, then usually riding around 30-45 minutes pending on what I’m working on that day. Then about 20 minutes after our ride to finish up, untacking, stretching, hosing, oiling feet and other treatments needed.

Bert is then tucked away with his dinner and a hay bag to munch on afterwards. Our stabled horses usually have some hay to munch on at night, this is either left over breakfast (if they were given an extremely large amount that morning) or a small amount given to them. Pending on how the grass is during that time of year also helps on how much they get during the night. We are lucky in terms of grass being in the valley and we can get a little too much feed on the paddocks!

What the dinners are made of

Usually our hard feeds consist of a mixture of lucerne and oaten chaff with a few added feeds and additives.


We feed a lot of Hygain, 99% of the horses are fed TruCare. I absolutely love this feed; all our retired horses look amazing on it!

Some of our stabled horses are fed: Hygain Show Torque, Hygain Release and Hygain Balance.


EquiShure – Bert is currently on Equishure for his gut health. It’s probably the one gut health product I’m completely satisfied with. I also use from time to time when needed, B-Quiet, Restore, Hemabuild and preserve.


Most if not all our horses are fed CEN OIL. We’ve had a few horses in the paddocks who have suffered the itch, so we made compulsory that they all get CEN OIL to help avoid any sort of itching! I can say it’s amazing, I can actually have rugs off these horses who have suffered the itch in the past.

I hope you enjoyed having a little read on my insights on my daily routine. Stay tuned for my training and feeding routines, think I’m finally getting the courage to put these into a fun vlog 😉

My Top 5 Stable Products

Top 5 stable products

I’m going to be completely honest, I may possibly be described as an impulsive buyer. I mean in this day in age it can be so easy to have multiples of certain types of product. Especially when you’re shopping online, and your eyes light up when you see that After Pay icon!

When your other half asks how much the new rug costs you can easily assure them it was only $50. With that voice inside your head whispering $50 fortnightly repayments.. Or you can just get everything shipped to your work address and they wouldn’t know any better!

But that’s not what this post is all about!

Firstly, I would like to be crystal clear.

The below products I’m discussing I am no way shape or form affiliated with them. I’m recommending them because I honestly love using each and every one of them. I use these products on a daily basis, they are part of my stable and work routine. Sharing is caring, and I have this fascination about what other products people use in their daily stable routine.


Therapy Rugs

I’ll gladly admit my rug wardrobe isn’t extensive. It is limited to the basics. A while ago I was doing some research on different therapy rugs. Not that Arnie has any obvious issues, I’ve always wanted to ensure I do the best by him and do everything I can physically do to help him.

I purchased the Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet and honestly haven’t looked back. He wears it at night while stabled and occasionally out in the paddock during the day (when his friends play nice and don’t want to destroy it!!). It’s also the first thing I put on him once I finish working him. Since I purchased the Ionic rug earlier in the year, his work has improved. He is really starting to work beautifully over his back and carrying more weight behind.

Plus, I find it a great rug to put on before warming up at a competition and also in-between tests.

It may not entirely be the rug, but it has contributed towards our improvements! Plus, doesn’t he just look gorgeous in it!?!

Top5 stable products

Magn8 Therapy Boots

Now these boots are an oldie in my stable but a goodie. I use them all the time. Race horses and riding horses. I absolutely love them, literally my rock when it comes to anything. Any slight sign of an issue and I put them straight on.

The magnetic boots are also perfect when stabling during those horrible winter rainy days. It keeps the circulation going to reduce any sort of stiffness or puffiness.  Even travelling to competitions or clinics I put them on.

Couldn’t tell you when I purchased these boots! It was many, many years ago. But, the Magn8 boots are the best. I purchased them from Stable8, who also make amazing show rugs.

Precision Equine- Muscle Bars

At times I can be sceptical about different feeds, often hearing conflicting reports. To find out you wasted your money.  But after reading all the reviews, I thought to go all in when I was looking at the Precision Equine site. I purchased the Intense Show Prep Pack. Which consisted of 6 Muscle bars and a packet of Intense Tissue Repair.

Top 5 Stable Products

Haven’t looked back.

Super stoked on how Arnie went on the Intense Show Prep Pack, I’m not the best before and after photographer but I can see a massive difference.

Top 5 Stable Products

I still feed Arnie the Muscle Max Bars, I don’t think I would get out of the stables in one piece if I didn’t! I adjust the amount of the bar to what work he gets. I even purchased my second Intense Show Prep Pack for my young horse, half way into the pack and I can see a big change in her body. Its amazing.

Precision Equine has definitely been one of the main changers in my stables this year.

MP Gloss Products

I’m a bit precious when it comes to shampoos, I do enjoy trying new things and I am heavy handed! Note to self, don’t ever try and dye a horse again ? I always try and get something that not only smells great but also gives a super shine.  Oh and of course a good clean!

Before any competition and everything in between, I always use the MP Diamond Gloss Body Wash. It smells amazing, trust me! Not just smells amazing while your are washing, but still smells amazing the next day!

For the rare occasions I step out in the show ring I also use the MP make up range. I wish I had back in my showing days. Super easy to use and don’t need much at all, so it lasts literally (well for me) a good amount of shows!

Top 5 stable products

Work Boots

Some girls have an obsessive shopping disorder when it comes to fashion and shoes. Some equestrians will admit they have a rug obsession or perhaps a bridle/browband obsession. Mine is boots.

More sparkles the better. They have to be white, blue or green. Maybe not all on the one boot ?

But, they must do the job. I have many boots, draws in fact. I use a few different types of boots pending on what I’m doing and where I’m working the horses.

I purchased my HKM work boots many moons ago, they are still going strong this day. Super easy to tack up, un tack and clean.

I have several tendon boots, each are all different. I love my Maxwell Equestrian work boots. I’m trying to save these pretty white ones for clinics, warm up at competitions. They are super strong and won’t be breaking anytime soon.

Top 5 stable products

Bell boots are probably my weakness! I tend to use ones with the sheepskin, I feel like they are more comfortable for the horse. I love my Woof Wear bell boots the best. Strong, nice and soft around the top for the horses comfort. I’ve been using mine for a fair while now without any damages.

Top 5 stable products

What products do you use part of your daily training routine? Would love to hear them!

Happy Riding ?