Dressage Dreamers Christmas Countdown Guide- Week One

I say this every year, but I want to be totally organised for Christmas this year. I mean, we don’t really have much of an excuse of being busy with everything going on this year. Crazy.

As it is literally around the corner, especially for us small little businesses 😉

My deadline for Christmas orders will be Monday 30th November, this is to allow processing and most importantly transit time with the postman to your door. I will of course be processing orders beyond this date, but I cannot guarantee these will arrive in time for Christmas.

During this time, I will be showcasing a little Christmas guide showcasing some designs each week with a little something extra! Just for you guys, because you guys have seriously been amazing to be this year!

So here we go…

This week with Dressage Dreamers Equestrian and Design (wow, I hope I don’t get hooked on other talents cause it’s some serious typing to get that out- ha!). I want to showcase these awesome popular designs!

Dressage Life Tee

These amazing tees are available in a black tee with either glitter gold or glitter silver print. Available in all ladies sizes in a v neck style tee. $39.95

Click here to check out the Dressage Life Tees

Dressage Queen Polo

I love this design, the glitter rose gold looks amazing on the black polo! This design has been super popular. Available in all sizes $59.95

Click here to visit the Dressage Queen polos

Team Standardbred Tee

The Team Standardbred tees need no introduction thats for sure! I’m so proud that these have been well received within the Standardbred community. Available in many colours and printed on a v neck black tee. $49.95

Click here to get your next Team Standardbred Tee

#1 Groom Polo

These polos went under a lot of Christmas trees last year! Such a cool polo, so comfy and it’s a polo for anyone to wear! $49.95

Click here to put a #1 Groom Polo under the tree this year

Week one extra goodie!

Now, for the weekly goodie! This week (1st November – 7th November), every order will receive a free tote bag! (valued at $29.95) If you would like a specific design (out of the current designs here) please write down in the order notes. Otherwise I will send a random design to you.

Happy shopping dreamers!

The Ultimate Christmas Guide

It’s not that long until Christmas, it still amazes me just how quickly the year has flown! In saying that, I thought to put together a ‘go to’ Christmas gift guide to help out every partner, family member or friend this coming Christmas season!

Because let’s face it ladies, we can be hard to buy for! I know my partner (bless him!) struggles at times to try and buy me a present every birthday and Christmas!

So, take note, I’ve put together a few things from my own collection but a fair few of these are actually on my own Christmas wish list!



I absolutely LOVE my KEP helmet, it amazes me how many different styles these can come in. I personally, have a super PINK one! LOVE IT! As you might tell from all my riding posts. Yes, I know, I know, I can’t compete in it, but it’s one hell of a cool training helmet!

Mine was a gift from my partner which was purchased through HUFGLOCKEN – they have several helmets already in stock, or if you are like me and want something a little different, they offer a complete custom service. Keep an eye out because they have some amazing specials from time to time, especially leading up to Christmas!

My Pink KEP helmet from Hufglocken



Ok, I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t until recently when I attended the National Dressage Championships with a few girlfriends, I didn’t really know how these brushes worked or let alone how amazing they are! These are actually on my own Christmas wish list (guys… take note!). If you haven’t seen these amazing brushes before you need to add these to your stable ASAP, I know I want too! These brushes are available through IPPICO.

Picture Credit: IPPICO Website



Another amazing purchase of my own, I recently bought this Kastel shirt from HORSE IN THE BOX when I attended the National Dressage Championships. They come in a variety of colours including plain if you are not quiet daring enough for something a little different (unlike me! But hey, it matches soooo well with my helmet!). They are the perfect stocking filler and you can never have too many especially leading into this summer. With the lightweight material you can literally not only wear it in summer but can layer it during the cooler months.

My beautiful Kastel Shirt from Horse In The Box



Yep, totally plugging myself on this Christmas post! Because some friends and family are ending up with some new tees! I have some amazing tees available which are perfect stocking fillers and can be worn not only in the saddle, but also casual with a pair of jeans or shorts while grocery shopping. AfterPay available! Can check them out HERE

Gold and Silver!… Sorry wine not included!



I have a serious obsession with Mattes, slowly my collection is growing. The options of a saddle cloth are endless, not to mention girths and boots! But if you are after something for your partner (listen up boyfriends and husbands!), a beautiful white Mattes saddle cloth with the binding in your lucky ladies colour will be the most AMAZING gift! She will be able to matchy matchy with her current set up! I have the most stunning Mattes saddle cloth from NEXTGEN EQUINE. I have found them to be the most reasonably priced in the market and my birthday present was purchased through them last year (thanks Mum!)

Picture Credit: NextGen Equine Website



I have been a follower of REGENT EQUESTRIAN for a while, admiring just how beautiful the sets are, the colours are gorgeous and they honestly really ‘pop’ on the horses. This is on my Christmas list this season, the matching sets are available in saddle cloths, boots and bell boots. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I do highly recommend! They have some amazing colours available. 

Picture Credit: Regent Equestrian Website



I absolutely love my FLEXIBLE FIT EQUESTRIAN Bridles; they are top quality and it just amazes me how many different styles are available. Alternatively, if you are after a different noseband or browband you can mix and match with a different style and it will still suit and fit your current Flexible Fit Bridle!

If you are either in the market for a whole new bridle, they have an interactive bridle builder to allow you to see a preview on how it will look on your horse! If your partner (talking to you gentleman!) has ever dropped a hint for a new browband or even reins, this is your place to shop. Top quality products with a variety to choose from! Or you can take advantage of the sale page this close to Christmas!!

All my horses wear Flexible Fit bridles!



Last but not least, something that has been on my list for a LONG time, I’m absolutely in love with the décor from JUST GORGEOUS THINGS. I swear when I went to the stand at Nationals, I could have packed the WHOLE stand up and taken it home. So, this is one HUGE thing that is on my own personal list. Literally just ANYTHING from here would put a huge smile on my face, because just literally, all of it is just stunning! With out a doubt, you cannot go wrong with any purchase from JGT this Christmas time!


Picture Credit: JGT Website



Just to clarify, none of the businesses above have contacted me in anyway to have their products on my Christmas wish list, this wish list is purely from my own shopping list. I wanted to share these amazing products and businesses because I know how hard some fellow equestrians are to buy for 😉

Happy shopping make sure you use your partners/husbands credit card on checkout!! … I know I will be!

Ingrid x

PopTop-Part of My Perfect Look

PopTop Review


I made my purchase from Sweet Iron Co last year and haven’t looked back. I have been in serious love with my PopTop, I wear it to every single competition. Besides adding to my perfect look, here’s why.

PopTop Review

I have always struggled with finding a decent fitting, smart, durable competition shirt. Not to mention a label that reflects my true size, not XXL! I must admit I am not a slim dressage rider but I do consider myself to be of average size. It always lets the air of out your self esteem going through the clothing rack finding the largest size or even walking away with nothing after all the ‘average size’ people who have beaten you to the shop first.

What I most enjoy is you can actually tuck the shirt in without the fear of having a ‘front bum’. There is nothing worse then having competition stress or nerves trying to remember your test or ensuring all your gear is clean to the find out you have a massive roll once you tuck your shirt in! The PopTop is designed to be flattering no matter what size you are.
PopTop Review

I have received many complements on my PopTop, the navy and white skull is my favourite. With my soft personality the skulls make me feel a little edgy without going all out. But I must admit it’s a never ending favoritism between the navy and my new blue one.
The stylish designed PopTop allows you to wear it at lessons, clinics, t-shirt days and even under your jacket at official events, making it a perfect top for any riding occasion… Or you can be like me, just to ride around a home in!
PopTop Review

The breathable fabric makes it an easy choice for me when I pack for competitions, as much as I don’t like to admit I am a massive sweat machine always needing my jacket dry cleaned after an event! It gives me confidence knowing when I go out into that warmup and competition arena I don’t need to worry about having sweat drip down making me feel uncomfortable.
PopTop Review

But what really stood out to me is the affordability, I hate spending so much on myself (as I usually splurge on Arnie!). For only $49 the PopTop is an absolute bargain, I can literally buy 2 PopTop’s (!!!) for the price of 1 tight, ill fitting shirt that makes me feel self conscious when I take my jacket off after my test. You know those shirts that just highlight your flaws!? I can proudly take my jacket off after my ride and continue to wear my shirt with my breeches around and to the office to collect my tests.

Plus, I’m proud to admit I own 3 of the 4 PopTops, navy, blue and white. With the new purple shirt which I feel isn’t going to be far away from my mailbox!

What I also love about Sweet Iron Co, they are based right here in AUSTRALIA! Which means fast affordable shipping!

Why you need a PopTop in your life like me:

  • Comfortable
  • Well fitted
  • True to size
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • SUPER fast delivery

Where can you find Sweet Icon Co?

  • Facebook: here
  • Instagram: here
  • Website: here
  • Most importantly online store: here

And did I mention the socks and caps? I love these too and I’m not a girly girl but I just love this cap!PopTop ReviewPopTop Review



PopTop Review



Why we need to spoil ourselves and update our saddle pads: Elysian Saddle Pads

I have recently purchased a beautiful saddle pad designed from Elysian Saddle Pads. I am blown away with the amazing craftsmanship and creativity on my new snazzy saddle pad!


I first met Andrea who is the creator behind Elysian Saddle Pads at the very first Brett Parbery Intelligent Riding Retreat in November 2016. Not only did I learn and expand my knowledge with developing my own training system but I also met a lovely group of like minded ladies. Luckily for me I now have a growing obsession with saddle pads!


I’m sure all of us have one (or quite possibly more), tack room items we are obsessed with. I for one have always fancied a smashing saddle pad, I have to admit it is not one tack item I have been frequently purchasing. I think it is for the pure fact I can be a little fussy. But creating my new tack room obsession was a simple progress with Elysian. I am more then happy with the end result.


Here are a few reasons why I recommend Elysian Saddle Pads:
– Simple and easy process on designing your new saddle pad. With a vast range of colours available it was comforting to know I could get a saddle pad made in my exact stable colours.

– I was sent a mock up image of what my new saddle pad was going to look like. – if you are like me, I am a visual person. This made my decision a lot easier!

– Excellent craftsmanship- the materials are second to none and the detailing is fantastic. Also, with options on different materials to suit the needs for your horse.

– Supporting up and coming Australian made businesses. Most of us (including myself) do what we do because we have passion and dedication in what we are trying to achieve. This is something I truly believe, we need to support each other in our equestrian community.

The only downside is now I have an obsession and want a whole tack room full! ?

But you can see just how beautiful the saddle pad is for yourself, here is my newest addition to the tack room! Photos by Elysian Saddle Pads

Photo by Elysian Saddle Pads

Photo by Elysian Saddle Pads

You can get social with Elysian Saddle Pads on Facebook here and Instagram here to see the full range of amazing saddle pads at your finger tips!

Happy Saddle Pad collecting ! 🙂