My new love- the Pivo

I’m so, so lucky to have put the Pivo on my birthday wish list this year. Because now I can film all of my rides! *happy dance* I’m now able to review my rides instantly and have these for my reference for as long as a I need. I haven’t had the Pivo long, but already I’m picking up on little details with my riding and aiming for little improvements. Not to mention, knowing the camera is rolling is teaching me to relax more and not feeling like getting a video is a ‘big deal’!

First of all, the best feature of the Pivo – you now don’t need anyone to film your rides anymore!

Since posting a few of my videos I’ve had a fair few questions relating to my new love, Pivo.

Just so you know I’m not affiliated with Pivo at all, I just really enjoy sharing the things I like with you! If something helps me with my training, I’m all for sharing it.

I have the silver Pivo it was part of a bundle with the tripod – so helpful! It also depends on what phone you have. I have an iPhone 11 Pro max. So, I think the quality of the video depends on how great your camera quality is.

The settings I use are:

  • Ai Centred
  • Auto Tracking
  • Auto Zoom
  • Predictive follow- only if inside the arena
  • Fast
  • Beta Horse
  • No tracking exposure

The videos automatically save to my camera roll, but they are also available on the Pivo Gallery which you can download onto your camera roll.

I have a few little tricks that I’ve figured out along the way.

  • Make sure the sun is behind the Pivo – doesn’t like the sun in his eyes!
  • Use the back camera on your phone – has the best quality!
  • Wear a white saddle cloth, bright coloured shirt and/or horse boots. This helps Pivo follow you.
  • I use the whole arena and get worried about riding around it when it’s in the arena. So, I found it best to put at E or B.
  • I airdrop from my phone to my MacBook to edit in iMovie.

My useful links!

I’ve also found the Facebook group for the Pivo Horse riders super helpful! You can find the group here

If you are wondering where to buy this from you can visit the Pivo store here, don’t stress, it is in USD and it arrived to me in no time!

My little video edit

Small clip of our training this month, highlighting the different positions the arena with my new toy the Pivo! 

The Ultimate Christmas Guide

It’s not that long until Christmas, it still amazes me just how quickly the year has flown! In saying that, I thought to put together a ‘go to’ Christmas gift guide to help out every partner, family member or friend this coming Christmas season!

Because let’s face it ladies, we can be hard to buy for! I know my partner (bless him!) struggles at times to try and buy me a present every birthday and Christmas!

So, take note, I’ve put together a few things from my own collection but a fair few of these are actually on my own Christmas wish list!



I absolutely LOVE my KEP helmet, it amazes me how many different styles these can come in. I personally, have a super PINK one! LOVE IT! As you might tell from all my riding posts. Yes, I know, I know, I can’t compete in it, but it’s one hell of a cool training helmet!

Mine was a gift from my partner which was purchased through HUFGLOCKEN – they have several helmets already in stock, or if you are like me and want something a little different, they offer a complete custom service. Keep an eye out because they have some amazing specials from time to time, especially leading up to Christmas!

My Pink KEP helmet from Hufglocken



Ok, I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t until recently when I attended the National Dressage Championships with a few girlfriends, I didn’t really know how these brushes worked or let alone how amazing they are! These are actually on my own Christmas wish list (guys… take note!). If you haven’t seen these amazing brushes before you need to add these to your stable ASAP, I know I want too! These brushes are available through IPPICO.

Picture Credit: IPPICO Website



Another amazing purchase of my own, I recently bought this Kastel shirt from HORSE IN THE BOX when I attended the National Dressage Championships. They come in a variety of colours including plain if you are not quiet daring enough for something a little different (unlike me! But hey, it matches soooo well with my helmet!). They are the perfect stocking filler and you can never have too many especially leading into this summer. With the lightweight material you can literally not only wear it in summer but can layer it during the cooler months.

My beautiful Kastel Shirt from Horse In The Box



Yep, totally plugging myself on this Christmas post! Because some friends and family are ending up with some new tees! I have some amazing tees available which are perfect stocking fillers and can be worn not only in the saddle, but also casual with a pair of jeans or shorts while grocery shopping. AfterPay available! Can check them out HERE

Gold and Silver!… Sorry wine not included!



I have a serious obsession with Mattes, slowly my collection is growing. The options of a saddle cloth are endless, not to mention girths and boots! But if you are after something for your partner (listen up boyfriends and husbands!), a beautiful white Mattes saddle cloth with the binding in your lucky ladies colour will be the most AMAZING gift! She will be able to matchy matchy with her current set up! I have the most stunning Mattes saddle cloth from NEXTGEN EQUINE. I have found them to be the most reasonably priced in the market and my birthday present was purchased through them last year (thanks Mum!)

Picture Credit: NextGen Equine Website



I have been a follower of REGENT EQUESTRIAN for a while, admiring just how beautiful the sets are, the colours are gorgeous and they honestly really ‘pop’ on the horses. This is on my Christmas list this season, the matching sets are available in saddle cloths, boots and bell boots. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I do highly recommend! They have some amazing colours available. 

Picture Credit: Regent Equestrian Website



I absolutely love my FLEXIBLE FIT EQUESTRIAN Bridles; they are top quality and it just amazes me how many different styles are available. Alternatively, if you are after a different noseband or browband you can mix and match with a different style and it will still suit and fit your current Flexible Fit Bridle!

If you are either in the market for a whole new bridle, they have an interactive bridle builder to allow you to see a preview on how it will look on your horse! If your partner (talking to you gentleman!) has ever dropped a hint for a new browband or even reins, this is your place to shop. Top quality products with a variety to choose from! Or you can take advantage of the sale page this close to Christmas!!

All my horses wear Flexible Fit bridles!



Last but not least, something that has been on my list for a LONG time, I’m absolutely in love with the décor from JUST GORGEOUS THINGS. I swear when I went to the stand at Nationals, I could have packed the WHOLE stand up and taken it home. So, this is one HUGE thing that is on my own personal list. Literally just ANYTHING from here would put a huge smile on my face, because just literally, all of it is just stunning! With out a doubt, you cannot go wrong with any purchase from JGT this Christmas time!


Picture Credit: JGT Website



Just to clarify, none of the businesses above have contacted me in anyway to have their products on my Christmas wish list, this wish list is purely from my own shopping list. I wanted to share these amazing products and businesses because I know how hard some fellow equestrians are to buy for 😉

Happy shopping make sure you use your partners/husbands credit card on checkout!! … I know I will be!

Ingrid x