Our Hot Reading for October

our hot reading for october

It is no secret, I love to expand my knowledge, I enjoy reading multiple articles that stumble across under my nose on all my social media platforms. What I enjoy the most is sharing the great articles that I come across!

What I have enjoyed over the last few weeks with my own riding is focusing on myself as a rider. How to be the best rider I can be in every aspect. So, I thought I would share the top 3 articles that I have stumbled across lately that have really stood out to me and helped me learn a bit more to become a better rider, well what I feel is more an intelligent rider.

What are the hot articles for October?

I have narrowed it down to my top 3.

  1. Improve body awareness for a better seat

I have read this article by David Thind with Annie Morris for Dressage Today Improve body awareness for a better seat. Very insightful, in-depth article, breaking down self-image and body awareness with the rider.

“Self-image and self-esteem go together. Many of us have experienced being praised in a lesson, and the boost in self-esteem improved how we thought of ourselves and therefore enhanced how we rode. You can do this for yourself. Realize that your body has the potential to move like anyone else’s body”


  1. How to fine tune your dressage aids with Steffen Peters

I stumbled across this article by Steffen Peters with Beth Baumert  How to fine tune your dressage aids with Steffen Peters while looking for more articles to help my own riding. Wow, what detailed read about the rider’s aids. In depth explanation of the rider’s seat, leg and rein aids and what Steffen calls the remaining aids.

“The experienced rider makes dressage look very easy. The reason for that effortless appearance is simpler than many people think: The experienced rider has high expectations. He expects a certain reaction from the horse when he uses light aids. And because of the rider’s mental clarity and high standards, his horse understands what he wants.”


  1. How to build core stability in the saddle without becoming stiff

Loved reading this article How to build core stability in the saddle without becoming stiff by Susanne Von Dietze, I know with my own riding and training how difficult it is to have core strength. It is something I always put towards the back of my brain. Learning about positive and negative tension, how a rider can improve their own tension.

“The easiest way to distinguish between positive and negative tension is that positive tension expands. It makes the body longer, while negative tension shrinks and shortens. More collection requires and reflects more positive tension.”



As you might have guessed I’m a huge admirer of Dressage Today, their website is easy to navigate and is full of endless articles to suit all riders at all levels.  If you haven’t had a chance to get nose deep with information about all aspects of dressage then I highly recommend for you to sit back have a coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day!) and visit Dressage Today.

My challenge for you is, what is YOUR hot reading for October? What has helped you realise something with your riding and training, or could it be something that has helped the penny drop with your current training?

Happy Riding 🙂