Team Standardbred

It’s no secret I aim to create a positive community within the Standardbred world. I know how many ups and downs there are when we are on our journey re training our 4-legged best friends. Let alone re training a 5 gaited horse under saddle!

I wanted to share the Team Standardbred news that I’ve put together behind to scenes!

I’ve put together some attire to help spread the Team Standardbred love. These amazing Tees are available in 3 shirt colours and 6 different font colours for every single hard working Standardbred rider! You can check these Tees out here! Can’t wait for you to be apart of them team soon!! 🙂

Team Standardbred Tee

There are many groups out there on Facebook, but I thought I would create one for all likeminded people! Meaning, I created a supportive group, a safe place to share our training. All our ups and downs, achievements and frustrations! Not to mention help you stay accountable for your goals!

I always.. always preach you are never alone. We are all on this re training journey. Helping and supporting each other is right up the top of my list! Feel free to pop on by this Team Standardbred Group and be apart of the growing positive community today!

I’ve always got my ear to the ground, don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions I am more than happy to help and point in the right direction.  🙂