How to care for your new DDE wear

I’m loving building the community of the Dressage Dreamers customers! It’s amazing to work with so many people through my current designs but also with their own custom orders. Everything is made by me in house right here. Yep, that’s right, from design[...]


Custom Design

Yes, that is correct. We can custom design! It brings me great joy to be able to create your team shirts. If you are interested in creating any team shirts please let me know. There are no MOQ! - how cool is that!? Our Sizing Dressage Dreamers Equestrian cate[...]


Why quality matters

Like most people at times I do like to try and do things on the cheap, but like most people, we can agree it sometimes falls apart! Well- maybe not literally. You just end up wishing you spent that few extra dollars, waited those few extra days or weeks for so[...]