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Dressage Dreamers evolved from promoting my training and competition riding with my Standardbred Gelding Arniwho, we have a strong following on social media (Dressage a Standardbreds Tale to Success).

Through the blog, website and creating resources Dressage Dreamers was soon born. Which I want to expand and develop a “hub” for all things dressage. Not only to offer information but also by sharing and offering unique businesses through the Dressage Dreamers Directory.

The Dressage Dreamers website is an online collection that help dressage and equine enthusiasts find the perfect products for their equine partner such as; training products, competition products, rider apparel or even products around the stables to make life a little easier with a bit of style!

What do you get out of this?

– a FREE listing for the first 6 months

– more exposure for your company

– presence in our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

– blog posts about your business and products

Essentially, the Dressage Dreamers website is a host targeting like minded individuals with a directory where potential customers are directed to your website should they wish to make a purchase and find out more about your business. Our website acts as the lead magnet to you and will be promoted as such. You will also be able to showcase your most popular products as we will also include up to 6 in your directory listing with links to each for easy purchase.

What we would like to offer you

We would like to offer a spot to you on our new website for 6 MONTHS FREE period as a thank you for being one of the first to join.

Your listing will then move to a paid feature listing starting from $9.95 per month, once traffic to the website has increased, if you are happy to take up this offer.

What you need to do next

We will be handling the upload of your business to our website and we will not require anything from you except for details (and images) pertaining to your business (or permission to source these from your website) so we can make your listing the most effective it can be.

We would love to have you feature on this new and exciting website and look forward to hearing back from you.

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