Reflecting on progression

It’s when you have all the time in the world you start scrolling through old photos and comparing, sitting and wishing competitions were back in action again. I found two pictures of Arnie while I was enjoying looking back at some memories. I really want to[...]


Why I Enjoy Coaching

I feel like I’m a rather quiet person by nature, I’ve never really been outspoken as such when it comes to discussing issues. Well- perhaps I am to my friends after a few wines, but that’s another story! As a whole it’s safe to say I don’t make my st[...]


Online Coaching

We are all entering a world of uncertainty. I feel like as equestrians we have a little bit of ‘thick skin’ entering into this human virus crisis. After all, EI didn’t knock us down! As an accredited EA coaches need to adapt into this ‘new age’ of u[...]


Lesson Recap: The Diagonal Pair

It’s no secret I love getting lesson from Brett Parbery, I was fortunate to meet Brett when he hosted his first Intelligent Riding Retreat back in 2016. (umm, wow, where has the time gone!) Which has been one of the biggest game changes for my training to da[...]

Kyra Masterclass

Masterclass with Kyra Kyrklund

One could say I’m addicted to learning and attending masterclasses. Another 3am start to a rainy Friday morning on my way down to Sydney International Airport ready to depart on my early morning flight to Christchurch with Air New Zealand. I was excited to b[...]