My new love- the Pivo

I’m so, so lucky to have put the Pivo on my birthday wish list this year. Because now I can film all of my rides! *happy dance* I'm now able to review my rides instantly and have these for my reference for as long as a I need. I haven't had the Pivo long, bu[...]


Why Lunging is Important

Who else likes lunging!? I recently put a post-up on my Facebook page, I had a fair few questions come through about it. Now, I’m not talking about that thing we do in the gym :) I’ll always be honest; you may not believe me as you always see me talk ab[...]


Why quality matters

Like most people at times I do like to try and do things on the cheap, but like most people, we can agree it sometimes falls apart! Well- maybe not literally. You just end up wishing you spent that few extra dollars, waited those few extra days or weeks for so[...]


The Ultimate Christmas Guide

It’s not that long until Christmas, it still amazes me just how quickly the year has flown! In saying that, I thought to put together a ‘go to’ Christmas gift guide to help out every partner, family member or friend this coming Christmas season! Because[...]

Top 5 stable products

My Top 5 Stable Products

I’m going to be completely honest, I may possibly be described as an impulsive buyer. I mean in this day in age it can be so easy to have multiples of certain types of product. Especially when you’re shopping online, and your eyes light up when you see tha[...]

PopTop Review

PopTop-Part of My Perfect Look

  I made my purchase from Sweet Iron Co last year and haven’t looked back. I have been in serious love with my PopTop, I wear it to every single competition. Besides adding to my perfect look, here’s why. I have always struggled with finding[...]