What 2019 has taught me

I feel like I have mentioned this a lot this year, but where on earth has the time gone? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the years are starting to gain momentum and swing along quicker and quicker!  For me, 2019 felt like a whirlwind. When I first[...]


Brand Ambassador: Eque-fitt Australia

I’ve always thought of myself as that person who is a little ‘un-lucky’, I can tell you honestly, if there are 10 people in a room and 9 lucky door prizes, I’m that person who never gets that door prize! I know, I know, that might seem a little dramati[...]


Collaboration Opportunity

If you have been following for a while now, you would have noticed I have been on and off a creative flare! I created some amazing Team Standardbred shirts to help spread the positive vibe of the Standardbred community. I'm so thankful to all the wonderful lad[...]


Team Standardbred

It’s no secret I aim to create a positive community within the Standardbred world. I know how many ups and downs there are when we are on our journey re training our 4-legged best friends. Let alone re training a 5 gaited horse under saddle! I wanted to shar[...]

New Addition

Introducing the New Addition

Well, now don’t I feel a little rude. I’ve recently purchased a new addition to the stables and I haven’t even formally introduced her! By recently, I mean just over 8 weeks ago. In my eyes, time flies when you’re having fun! Formally welcoming ‘M[...]


My Time on the Side Line

It’s not very often I sit on the sideline, to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever sat on the sideline due to my own injury. I’ll rewind back to April this year, I had the most amazing holiday planned in May to Botswana. Unsure what to do with Arnie durin[...]

My trip across the ditch

My Trip Across The Ditch

  Earlier this year the family purchased 3 lovely fillies from the Yearling Sales in Christchurch, all 3 lovely fillies and 3 very different fillies! Making our latest team 5 Kiwis in total, sounds like we have an addiction! I was fortunate enough to hop b[...]


How did Dressage Dreamers come about?

I was tossing up the idea of having a Facebook page dedicated to my horse Arniwho, as there are several similar pages out on Facebook people have created to share their own journey with their Off The Track Standardbred, from track to hack for example. However,[...]