How to care for your new DDE wear

I’m loving building the community of the Dressage Dreamers customers! It’s amazing to work with so many people through my current designs but also with their own custom orders.

Everything is made by me in house right here. Yep, that’s right, from design to post I do it all! I ensure everything is made from top quality. That’s why it’s important that we keep looking after our new shirts!


If you are anything like me, I wear mine literally everyday (ok, maybe not the exact same tee, as I have many different ones!). But they get worn around the stables, shopping and everything in between. I literally put my shirt inside out and throw it into the wash. Cold wash, with the rest of my washing.

Make sure you let it dry on the washing line and don’t put it in the dryer!


Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t do a lot of ironing! But, if you ever feel the need to iron your DDE attire, ensure you iron inside out! (never iron directly onto the print)



Either, folded or hanging these tees don’t mind being stored either way!


Main care key- inside out!

I hope you are enjoying your new DDE attire, or if you are thinking about purchasing one please let me know if you have any questions! I absolutely LOVE any custom design, there is no such thing as a small order. I’ll happily make that 1 special tee just for you.

Custom Design

Yes, that is correct. We can custom design! It brings me great joy to be able to create your team shirts.

If you are interested in creating any team shirts please let me know. There are no MOQ! – how cool is that!?

Our Sizing

Dressage Dreamers Equestrian caters for all equestrian women. All Tees and polos are available in every ladies sizes ranging from XS-XXL. Cause we care about all our fellow diva’s out there.

Not only do we have these designs available in ladies sizes, but we can also create these designs on mens and kids tees to dress the whole gang!

Our Materials

Your new beautiful custom design is printed on high quality material, either a v neck tee, normal tee, singlet or polo. We ensure only quality materials selected for our wonderful Dressage Dreamers Equestrian customers!!

Perfect for riding in, going to clinics and competitions, lets not forget also wearing out grocery shopping!


Your Design

Complete custom shirts available in various styles, straight tees, v neck, singlets and a polo! Prices start at $40, which includes the following:

  • Converting Logo/Design to print
  • Two colours
  • Your choice of style of shirt (straight tee, v neck, singlet)
  • Print on the back or front.
  • Unique custom design
  • Everything designed and made in house by Dressage Dreamers Equestrian with love
  • Quick turn around of 7-10working days
  • Deck out your whole team- bulk orders welcome!

We can tailor to your needs! Best of all… no MOQ!!

Not sure where to start!?! Let us help!

  • Contact Ingrid today via Email here
  • Send through a copy of what you would LOVE to be printed on your custom shirt
  • Let Ingrid know how many you will be after 
  • Any other details she needs to know!

Please allow 24 hours for a return quote!

Of course, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


I’m looking forward to creating your design!

Why quality matters

Like most people at times I do like to try and do things on the cheap, but like most people, we can agree it sometimes falls apart! Well- maybe not literally. You just end up wishing you spent that few extra dollars, waited those few extra days or weeks for something a little different, something with a little more quality.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

All things in the horse world aren’t cheap, owning horses in general isn’t a financial gain! Is that how the saying goes, ‘how to be a millionaire with horses, be a billionaire first’.!? So true! We all spend cash willingly on our 4-legged equine friends for a new rug, boots, bridle and of course the necessities – feed! Like most equestrians, I’m sure you’ll agree that we don’t like to actually spend our hard-earned cash on ourselves, it’s always the horse!

how to be a millionaire with horses, be a billionaire first

So, when we do spend money on ourselves, give ourselves a special little gift from time to time we want to make sure it’s quality. I’m the first to admit, I’m a bit of a diva. I always like to (well try to) have the latest things and seem well, trendy. I’m not talking ‘high end’ sell a kidney material, but good quality goods come with a little price tag.

That’s why when I launched the design aspect of Dressage Dreamers I wasn’t going to skimp out on any little detail. I’ve invested in equipment that is of good quality which will last and be able to be used again, again and again without any issues. But it’s not only the equipment, it’s also the investment in the actual shirt materials. Being able to source the best quality tees for my fellow equestrian friends.

Finding quality material is most definitely trial and error. Goes hand in hand with finding a reasonable supplier for the material! But when the stars align and both boxes are ticked you know you’re on the right track.

I can proudly say I know my shirts are of the best quality, they are not shirts you will find on sale in the local shops that I’ve printed on! I take pride and joy in making each and every shirt knowing that they are going to be worn by a fellow likeminded equestrian.

Throughout my travels, I have released several designs that are stock standard here at DDE. Which you can browse through the store here. Also, I have had requests of a more custom, personalised designs, such as logos for the stable team.

These requests are more than welcome, I have dedicated a page Custom Design, which you can read the details of what I can offer you!

I would like to thank each and every person who has supported me in my design journey in 2019, it means so much to me. I cannot wait for 2020!

Team Standardbred

It’s no secret I aim to create a positive community within the Standardbred world. I know how many ups and downs there are when we are on our journey re training our 4-legged best friends. Let alone re training a 5 gaited horse under saddle!

I wanted to share the Team Standardbred news that I’ve put together behind to scenes!

I’ve put together some attire to help spread the Team Standardbred love. These amazing Tees are available in 3 shirt colours and 6 different font colours for every single hard working Standardbred rider! You can check these Tees out here! Can’t wait for you to be apart of them team soon!! 🙂

Team Standardbred Tee

There are many groups out there on Facebook, but I thought I would create one for all likeminded people! Meaning, I created a supportive group, a safe place to share our training. All our ups and downs, achievements and frustrations! Not to mention help you stay accountable for your goals!

I always.. always preach you are never alone. We are all on this re training journey. Helping and supporting each other is right up the top of my list! Feel free to pop on by this Team Standardbred Group and be apart of the growing positive community today!

I’ve always got my ear to the ground, don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions I am more than happy to help and point in the right direction.  🙂