About DDE

Dressage Dreamers evolved in 2015 when Ingrid began promoting her Standardbred Gelding Arniwho with their dressage journey after racing. Sharing their journey together has given people an insight with what Standardbreds can do after their racing careers.

Ingrid also enjoys sharing all aspects of dressage, recaps from various masterclasses and clinics, product reviews, free resources and everything dressage in between!

Dressage Dreamers provides a unique experience to the equestrian community to enhance a positive network for not only Standardbreds in life after racing but also the dressage community as a whole. Ingrid has created her flagship Tee ‘Team Standardbred’ which has been well received through out the Standardbred community. This has flared her inner creative spirit with other designs which are hand made with love right here! For everyone to enjoy, share and embrace the positive vibe throughout the community.

About Arniwho

Arnie was born and raised by the Darlington family back in 2000, he has always been a solid part of their family even if he wasn’t the fastest horse in the world. Arnie did however have 10 starts for 1 win, which he was retired after his win -it’s what they had promised him!

Back then the thought of putting Arnie under saddle didn’t even cross Ingrid’s mind. Once Arnie retired from racing, he was still used in track work with the younger horses, as he has a laid-back attitude. Ingrid also started her driving around this time. He was the first horse she drove behind the mobile in a trial!  But it wasn’t until Ingrid started to get a few miles under her helmet and started driving other horses in the stables she found out Arnie wasn’t all that quick!

During his years from retiring from racing Arnie has enjoyed success in the Led Standardbred classes with many Champions and Supreme’s including 2007 & 2009 first place in his Led class at Sydney Royal. It was during this time when Ingrid was working with Arnie away from the track she thought he might make a lovely hunter one day.

It wasn’t until Ingrid had the urge to get back in the saddle she purchased her new riding horse, a beautiful chestnut Arabian Riding Pony mare called Lily. Who at the time was an unbroken rising 3 year old. At this stage Ingrid had no interest in competing in dressage, as her previous riding background had always been showing. Soon after Lily was broken in, she was looking around for someone to help continue her education, this is when Ingrid discovered dressage! Who was fortunate to come across a great dressage coach who showed her the light into dressage.

You could say one thing led to another, it wasn’t long until Ingrid had the saddle on Arnie! Since then, they haven’t looked back. The pair successfully competed in EA Dressage.

About Ingrid

Ingrid has a lifelong passion for horses which has run in her family. Surrounded by horses from a very early age she has experience in both show horses and also harness racing with this being the main sport her family has been involved in.

Dressage is her true love since returning to riding after a few years break of being a successful harness racing driver. Which she is now completed her EA coaching course and is an accredited EA coach.

Every day Ingrid is always learning something new, patience is most definitely the key! She hopes to share their journey with everyone to bring insight, encouragement and influence on the wonderful world of Standardbred’s under saddle.

During her spare time, you will find Ingrid around the stables working her horses then enjoying a glass of wine in the evening!

The essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail