March Training Task

So much support in January with the training task! Amazing to see people getting involved, even if you didn’t share videos, letting me know how you went and asking load of questions.


This month for March – thinking I might do the training tasks bimonthly … because sometimes time escapes me! 🙂


Figure of 8’s


This training task will focus on:
  • the accuracy of each circle
  • the flexion and bend to the new direction.
  • Balance and regularity of the trot. (or canter for challenging yourself)


Things to think about:
  • Having both 20m circles even
  • Riding the outside shoulder on the line
  • The change of rein over x
Benefits of this exercise:
  • Improving suppleness
  • Improve the bend through the body
  • Accuracy
  • Equal bend on both reins

To mix it up during your training, you can make a walk transition at ‘x’ when changing the bend to the new direction.


To make it more challenging, you can do the figure of 8 at a canter. Ensuring you keep the regularity of the canter on the 20m circles while riding the line. You want a balanced transition at ‘x’ and preparation for both the transition down into trot then into canter.


If you have any questions email me! Or pop over into the Team Standardbred group, make sure you share your videos!


Happy Training



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