Let’s wrap up 2020

Like most I’m looking forward to wrapping up 2020 and heading into 2021 bigger and better.


For me, it’s my first real big year with DDE, with my completion of my EA Coaching I headed out into the big wide world right before that thing we’ve all gotten used to hearing about. Covid – sigh, it’s deflating how much I’ve gotten used to hearing and talking about it on a daily basis. It’s been a little harder developing my coaching and tee business this year then I had originally planned!


I’ll be honest so much has changed with the horses and my goals. Literally just crazy looking back now!


Earlier in the year I made a tough decision to sell my young horse Minnie, was so heart breaking for me to come to that decision. But I know deep down in my heart it was the right one to make. She found a wonderful loving home and is even out and about competing this year with some great results with her new rider! Which makes me feel like it really was the best decision.


My plan with Arnie this year was to have a super year out competing as he turned 20 this year, I really wanted to push ourselves and see what we could do and finish his competition career on a total high. Personally, I was imagining champagne and buckets of carrots for the both of us for Christmas this year to celebrate. I guess in a way we still did ‘just because’ 🙂


With this in mind, Arnie winding down and enjoying life and selling my next up and coming horse Minnie. I decided to make a purchase on a horse I honestly didn’t expect to make. A schoolmaster. Aka Mr Bert. I rode him a few times before finalising everything, but after my first ride with him the feeling I got I knew he was my next horse to join the team!


The decision to purchase something that was the next level (or two!) above what I was currently riding was a huge decision. I know every journey we go on with our horses is different, but I don’t think you can really compare purchasing a young horse and going through the beginning baby stages to a horse that’s older that has more miles and education with another rider. Each have their own experiences and challenges.


Learning how to fly and use the control panel is a challenge in itself! I honestly don’t think it’s as easy as getting on and pushing buttons – ok maybe to some, but not me. They say it can take up to 12 months for a horse to really feel like your own, it’s totally true. It’s a learning curve for both the horse and rider, applying the aids slightly different and working together to form a team.


With the new addition added to the stables my goals totally changed. It’s honestly been the most amazing year for me horse wise. Learning how to put movements together, learning how to get that feeling and beginning to control every single foot fall.


12 months ago, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that I would be learning how to half pass, flying changes and canter pirouettes. Let alone having my first advance start at a competition – ok, I may have flopped it a bit, but it’s all part of my learning and next time will be an improvement.


What I’m thankful for during 2020


My clients! I’ve enjoyed working with each and every one. Meeting all those lovely horses I teach and their riders who are always wanting to improve. Making and designing all those clothes this year, I haven’t put a number on it but it’s a lot of parcels out the door to the mail man.


Of course, it goes without saying my good health with everything going on in the world at the moment. It’s just mind-blowing thinking how this virus has changed the way we live. I’m not even sure when we can go on an overseas holiday again.


Last and certainly not least.


Creating and being a part of an amazing community. Building a good community is a hard thing to do, it takes time. The DDE community might be small but it’s something I’m proud to be creating. Your support means so much more then you know – every like, every comment, every message, every email opened, every message sent to me all adds up.


What are you proud of this year? What have been your highlights?!


Happy Riding

Ingrid 🙂

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