Why I Enjoy Coaching

I feel like I’m a rather quiet person by nature, I’ve never really been outspoken as such when it comes to discussing issues. Well- perhaps I am to my friends after a few wines, but that’s another story! As a whole it’s safe to say I don’t make my stamp to lead into a conversation especially when it comes to riding and training.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good training conversation. What I also enjoy is listening to what others think and for them to share their knowledge. I’m a pretty open when it comes to training aspects, I don’t feel there is a right and wrong way as I believe there are many ways and methods driven towards the outcome.

When I created Dressage Dreamers back in 2015, I didn’t really have a passion for coaching as I didn’t feel confident enough to be that person. As my training developed and I started sharing my journey with my amazing Standardbred Arnie, I began to realise how many people started to look to me for advice with their own Standardbred or even a little bit of inspiration for those who have just started on their own journey.

I’ve always had a burning desire to want more, wanting more from my own training and wanting more to expand my knowledge to help me be a better rider.  I love reading all the articles, I enjoy watching all the training videos. I slowly started to be stronger with my own confidence in knowing my stuff and I thought to myself I need a challenge! I need to get out of my little bubble and put myself out there.

I completed my EA Intro Coaching course at the beginning of this year, it really pushed me into becoming more confident as a person and have enjoyed every minute of it since. I’ve already ordered my Level 1 and want to get cracking into this next challenge for me.

I’ll admit it is super hard starting out as a coach, I find it hard putting myself out there into the big scary world. At the same time, I enjoy meeting new people with their horses. I love seeing a light bulb moment with the rider when something clicks. I especially enjoy seeing a difference with a horse and rider over the course of the lesson, it’s so rewarding seeing the little improvements along the way.

For me as a coach what I find the most rewarding is helping a rider on a regular basis build their confidence and understanding for them to push forward to their goals. I’ve always believed in helping others, being that positive person. We all know the road is never the easiest at times it can challenge us in many ways.

Don’t forget to check out the Coaching page https://dressagestandardbred.com.au/coaching/ for more details.

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