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We are all entering a world of uncertainty. I feel like as equestrians we have a little bit of ‘thick skin’ entering into this human virus crisis. After all, EI didn’t knock us down!

As an accredited EA coaches need to adapt into this ‘new age’ of uncertainty. I most and foremost would like to continue growing and encouraging the current Standardbred community during this time of uncertainty with their training. After all, there is always light at the end of the tunnel (sometimes closer than others pending on how you look at it!)

At the moment I’m limiting my travelling coaching due to the virus situation. This has opened up new doors for me and others within the community. Especially to those that have enquired about my coaching that are interstate or out of my area.

I would love to extend my coaching services to online training to help everyone. At present, I would like to encourage the community to stick together with my offer to video reviews.

Within these video reviews I encourage riders to send me through a video of what they are currently working on with their horse/horses for me to review. I will send back the video with my voice over and also with a written edit of my review including exercises to work on. This package will also include for riders to send through a second video progressing from the original video. Videos are recommended to be about 5-8 minutes (only due to file size!)

Full details can be found by clicking here, package will be $59.95 (2 videos, reviews and exercises). You will need to add this to your cart, read through the downloadable form and follow the instructions. (please select no shipping on checkout)

Let’s see the light within this unfortunate time, let’s get together within the community and focus on our horses and be ready on the other side of this situation!

I’m looking forward to helping all the Standardbred riders (and non-Standardbred!) out there.

Any questions please contact me, all questions welcome! To read about my coaching you can visit my coaching page by clicking here.

Happy Training,


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