Meet the horses: Kiwi Jak

You’ve might have seen a fair few posts recently about this dark handsome kiwi horse. Don’t worry, I haven’t replaced Arnie!

In fact, this tall dark handsome man is Kiwi Jak! I thought it was time to do a little ‘informal’ introduction J

Of course, if you would like to watch the vlog you can by clicking here

As the name suggests he is in fact a kiwi. He is a 7 year old Standardbred gelding that we purchased from the yearling sales in New Zealand. He spent a little bit of time over in New Zealand being broken in, trialled and qualified before making the move over to the sunny shores of Australia.

Jak didn’t settle all that well when he first arrived over from New Zealand, he didn’t acclimatise at all. In fact, I’m fairly certain it was about 40 degrees when he landed in Sydney! When we finally got going, he had his first race start. You see, if you have been following and reading for a while you will know that I used to do a bit of driving on our family bred horses. It honestly looked like I came out of ‘retirement’ just to have my one race drive on Kiwi Jak. We run a super second!

I was super proud of him running second in our first start together, but that balloon was soon deflated. Having an injury to his annular ligament required him to have extensive time on the sideline. It felt like time was passing ever so slowly on his road to full health again. I’m pleased to say it wasn’t completely impossible.

Once he was nursed back to soundness, we were back into training as if we hadn’t missed a beat. As it turns out, the racing gods weren’t on our side at all this time round! With two separate incidents, travelling back from the trials one evening with a huge storm. It was quite the experience, I was ready to grab the change of pants just from sitting the car, let alone Jak who was in the float. We had to pull over off the freeway into the nearest service station just to take cover. I remember checking in on Jak in the float and he looked at worried as I was.

Close to this experience for this boy, we had another summer storm. This time it was in the early hours of the morning where his stable (which also has a walk in, walk out yard) took a direct hit with lightening. There were sparks flying off his roof and poor Jak was worried as anything! After these two events, we still attempted to kick on with his training. But unfortunately, poor Jak, the few times we transported him in the float to the track he just over sweated on the trip to the track and it honestly was like he went out on the track to cool down. Needless to say, we decided to give Kiwi Jak a break!

He isn’t just a track pony, he has been to 3 shows so far. For 2 Champions and a Reserve Champion. I’ve been working him lately as if he has commenced the transformation to the ‘riding team’! So far he has taken to a duck on water. So proud of him, such a laid-back temperament. He will truly make a lovely ridden horse down the track.

I’m really excited to see what path Kiwk Jak takes this year, if it be a return to racing or to commence a saddle career! Either way, I hope you enjoyed a little insight to learning about Kiwi Jak. Please make sure you do check out the vlog 🙂

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