What 2019 has taught me

I feel like I have mentioned this a lot this year, but where on earth has the time gone? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the years are starting to gain momentum and swing along quicker and quicker!  For me, 2019 felt like a whirlwind. When I first sat down to think about it, I felt what a horrible year it had been, and I felt like I accomplished near to nothing.

I went to one competition, which I rode terrible and I’ve honestly regretted ever since. Especially not been able to redeem myself in the competition arena in 2019. But lets chat about that in a minute!

Here is my little 2019 in a nutshell. 

January was an amazing month; I attended the Olivia Towers Clinic in January. Two of the most memorable lessons that’s for sure! I keep reminding myself I had those lessons with one of my idols.


From feeling on top of the world from our lessons, I attended the Sydney Dressage Club event in February, for a not so great ride. We didn’t score particularly well. We really didn’t listen to each other; we were quite tense throughout our test.


Realising we were having a miscommunication in our connection; I was particularly looking forward to our lesson with Brett at the Sydney Dressage Clinic in March.  We pushed passed any problems we had in the previous weeks to have a perfect lesson with lots to work on at home.


We were a little quiet after this, we had a few unfortunate events with Arnies feet. If you have been following us for a while you would probably see a little pattern in our year! Sadly, we had a farrier switch and it is incredible how much the horse’s feet an influence the horse’s soundness.

While Arnie was having a little break recovering, I was powering along on the side lines creating the Team Standardbred Tees. During this time, I decided to launch one of the other aspects to ‘Dressage Dreamers’. I really don’t like putting myself out there, it’s scary! But it is one thing I have learnt I need to do. Don’t be afraid, have thick skin, enjoy what you do, remember why you started doing it.

The downwards slide of 2019, I had Arnie up and running again, with such delight. I absolutely enjoy spending time with him. While I had him up and in work again, I sent my young horse Minnie off to schooling. I was a little sad when I saw her face when she loaded onto the transporter, but I knew it was the best decision. To give her the opportunity to the best start to her ridden career.

I took the leap and signed up the ‘Parbery Program’ – best decision ever. I joined in on a webinar one night when it was opened up to everyone. Which I just loved listening in! Once I joined, I jumped into the next weekly group coaching call, thinking it was more the webinar style – you know, when no one can see you and you just listen.  Here I was, showered, in my pjs and dressing gown, glass of wine… the next minute I realise everyone is on video! Whoops, here I was in my bright purple dressing gown!! I honestly looked like one of those DJ’s or something with their big jackets! So yes, from then on, just my pjs or normal clothes 🙂 

We had another amazing lesson with Brett in August, really focusing on our diagonal pair, picking it up between the gaits a lot quicker.


I gained the most amazing sponsorship from Eque-Fitt Australiafull details here. It has been the most incredible experience, its one thing I truly lack in, that is rider fitness. It’s a big ‘kick up the arse’ for me to really get into gear and start to actually tick off those rider goals.

Because I never like to do things half-heartedly, I took the plunge and decided to go all out and get all the equipment to make the tees myself. Officially launching the bigger part of Dressage Dreamers! WOW, as I thought before it was hard putting myself out there. It was only a few weeks ago my sister told me just to share a post in a group or two on Facebook, not everyone sees what you post on your page. I hit that button and I’m thankful I did. I had a fair few sales right in time before Christmas. It really did make my year!

One final piece of my timeline for 2019- successfully completing my EA Coaching course!! Look out 2020!

What did 2019 really teach me?

Don’t give up 

You’re going to have a few setbacks in life. Don’t be despondent no matter how hard you fall. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back on that horse (maybe literally!?!)  I’ve had so many setbacks with Arnie and it makes me sad we only had 1 competition ( for a crappy test on the riders view) But I look back at all the amazing lessons and rides at home. I realise these are what really make up my year. Having that ride on your horse, where they listen to everything you ask of them and you always feel like you are on top of the world after each ride.

Standardbred Blues 

I learnt how many people feel somewhat disadvantaged because they ride a Standardbred. To be completely honest with you, I was incredibly upset when I was reading all the answers to my survey. It really does break my heart when I know there are people out there not completely wholeheartedly enjoying their horse. Life is too short to care what people think, you need to do what you can to give your Standardbred (and yourself) the best opportunity to kick some butt. Positive mindset, no victim mentality. I’ve always have my blinkers on, I ignore everything and just focus on what I’m doing and how I can do it better.

Self-development can be a tough ride

For people who know me, I don’t consider myself to be that person in the crowd who is confident and can just breeze through social situations, especially with public speaking! I completed my EA coaching course this year, which was one HUGE goal of mine (go me, happy dance!) I won’t lie, it was HARD. Now the actual information part of riding, I didn’t find hard. Communicating with others, communicating in a confident manner, communicating with authority and communicating in a group of riders is what I learnt to be able to do this year. I’m so relieved and happy to successfully complete it, coaching is one thing I really want to be involved in. I’m just so excited to see what 2020 will bring!

How does your 2019 look? What are you bringing to 2020, let me know.

Happy riding 🙂


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