Brand Ambassador: Eque-fitt Australia

I’ve always thought of myself as that person who is a little ‘un-lucky’, I can tell you honestly, if there are 10 people in a room and 9 lucky door prizes, I’m that person who never gets that door prize! I know, I know, that might seem a little dramatic… but it has happened!

Bouncing that logic in my mind over the years, I’ve never really been the one to apply for things, or even to approach anyone for any sponsorship or ambassadorship. To be honest I have applied for the odd one or two to miss out on the opportunity.

I can honestly say that my desire to truly better myself as a rider really stems from when I attended the intelligent riding retreat with Brett back in 2016. I mention this retreat in a few posts reflecting about the turning point in my riding, not only with my horses but with my own fitness. It truly was an eye opener and really made me realise the bigger picture about the training system.

In my adult years I’ve never been one to jump at the opportunity to go for a run, (unless it is to the bar 😉 ) it’s always been that ‘thing’ that I’ve planted ‘to do’ at the back of my mind. I probably didn’t take the riders fitness aspect of the training as seriously as I could have until early 2018 when I broke my collarbone and was out of action for a while. Getting a little chubby on the edges will do that to you!!

Once I crawled myself out of the little sad state that I couldn’t ride and I had to rest, I was determined to get on board with my fitness and become a better rider. I have to admit there was even more drive in my mind to get kick started as I had recently purchased a young horse. My horses always get regular body work, I’m always analysing their body when schooling in the arena, and in turn it makes me to start to think about my rider position, how to improve it and if I’m being effective as a rider.

I’ve been following Eque-Fitt Australia for a while on social media, I’ve always been intrigued by the fitness from an equestrian point of view. When I saw the post about being a brand ambassador/sponsorship I saved the post right away! Hesitating, should I, shouldn’t I, what can I bring to the table. Then I thought, what have I got to lose! I applied and then I booked in my first session as well. Because at the end of the day, I needed this push, I needed to book in my first session to kick me into being a dedicated rider about my own fitness.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen to represent Eque-Fitt Australia, I can’t wait to show you the comparison in my posture and the improvements in my fitness. I’m so proud to even put into place regular workouts in place! Go me! J

You can follow Tanase from Eque-Fitt Australia on:

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Keep an eye out on her social media for upcoming clinics in the area! Stay tuned for some amazing photos!

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