Working off that Christmas belly!

It’s hard to comprehend that Christmas 2016 is done and dusted, new year is just around the corner and it will be 2017. I think the years are flying by too quickly for my liking !!

I trust you had a fabulous Christmas, Arnie enjoys getting into the Christmas spirit 😉 

I gave Arnie approx. 2 weeks off to freshen up, he deserved a mini break after all the hard work he has been doing lately. I was more then ready to start working him again yesterday!

I always start off lunging for a few days, depending on how big a break the horses have (and myself for that matter!).

An easy lunge over a few trotting poles, I love using the WHOLE arena. I set up 2 sets of trotting poles. One set (of 2 poles) for 1 stride in between and the next set I have set up for 2 strides in between. Arnie struggled with the 2 strides in between, but he managed in the end.

Today I tried something a little different, thanks to the Horseland sale just after Christmas I bought a nice new roller and a nice GREEN lunging lead. I warmed him up and then did a few different things with him today. I’ll be honest its been a while since I have used two lunging leads on a horse and worked on any in hand exercises!

It works well for my fitness too so it turns out! Arnie has a pretty big trot… I did have to step into quick jog to keep up – LOL !

We had a pretty fun morning, it was good to work on a few things like a bit of yielding, changing direction, figure 8’s and touched on bringing our trot right back focusing on the centre of gravity Was a bit difficult to master from the ground, but I’m very happy how we went today.

A few more lunging days and we will be back under saddle again chipping away at our goals!

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