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What a week, it’s hard to imagine this time last week we had a cold, wet & raining weekend!
We didn’t compete at DNSW Winter Festival, I made the decision not to compete as I felt we didn’t have enough preparation. My arena was quite wet & boggy after all the rain & things were just not going to plan when I got back in the saddle again! We were just a few rides short of ironing out our kinks in the tests. Between transitions not being sharp, dragging leg yields, and a sloppy canter I thought it was best we use this weekend & upcoming week for training in preparation for our next comp! Which we have this weekend coming! (Can’t wait!)

I’ve been trying to get a bit creative with our exercises to help me (yes help me more then Arnie!) as I have been struggling and quite possibly getting a tad lazy ! Not so long ago I discovered Amazon, in among all the amazing books & DVD’s I have purchased I found a great book called “Creative Dressage Schooling” by Julia Kohl, 55 meaningful dressage exercises. I do highly recommend ! I’ve been really struggling in our leg yielding, I’ve been hopeless at preparing for them & somehow I expect them to be perfect !

I have mixed it up a little bit (for my benefit), leg yield inside (I use the quarter line in the arena) to the outside (outside fence of the arena), leg yield outside to X, 10 m circle then shoulder-fore down center line to C (and also in reverse). I think my real struggle is the 10 m circles before the leg yielding, somehow I expect to just turn point and go across ! So for me I have to mentally prep way in advance ensure he (and myself of course) are balanced through the circle. I think after all the wet weather & all the reading it’s allowed me to digest a few issues I need help with!

Today was a great day, also from Creative Dressage Schooling we really worked on our canter transitions. On a 20 m circle more forward into a lengthen canter then back again into a collected canter, really focusing on balancing through the transition & making it a clear transition between the two. We have also been working on our walk-canter transitions, which I am really happy how we are progressing! Picking up the correct lead from walk (big pats for Arnold!), the downward transitions are coming along nicely as well! I really feel the more work we do on our transitions in the canter & our walk – canter it is helping our canter transitions for our tests (Canter – trot), much more balanced & confident.

Much more fun work to do this week in preparation for our competition coming up!
Here are a few snaps from today’s ride, can see him ‘waiting’ nicely in the canter. Very proud of our work ! I can’t wait to reflect back in a few weeks & see our progress.

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