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It has been a fair while between posts ! Arnie has been having a break over the last month & a bit, it wasn’t a planned holiday. Arnie had a fall when riding & injured himself ! (has a slip an a trip in the wet weather!)
He is feeling much better now 🙂 To be honest I think the break did the world of good! BUT he was feeling rather left out around the 3 week mark, he doesn’t take time off well! I think its all the extra one on one attention being worked he was missing!
I have been focusing on my pony who is training & we have just had our first few elementary starts. All very exciting ! It’s also great for me to ride and feel the next level up on the movements, shoulder-in, travers etc. It’s really coming down to my riding, executing the movement correctly. No room for any mistakes at this level, it does play around with your marks! But after riding more at this level I am very much indeed looking forward to working more of these movements with Arnie !

Also, I have been focusing on one of our younger horses we purchased from NZ, Jak who has just turned 4! (arrived in OZ Nov 15) He has a very lovely trainable personality, working him slowly up and prepping him for a few led classes all for experience. He will (hopefully!) be my next up and coming horse under saddle. Arnie has set the bench mark of 10 starts & 1 win, so its up to Jak now to do that before he ‘retires’ although he seems to think he is ‘retired’ at the moment.. Enjoying too much of the good life I think!

Here is a photo of Kiwi Jak, he is just growing into a lovely horse! (Who also doesn’t like to stand still for a few photos !!)


Back to Arnie! I’ve been slowly working him up with his fitness & strength, working him over a few poles as well. Working super at by the way! Today we worked on the canter ( on top of a few rounds on the trotting poles) I’m very pleased on how he is progressing after his time off. Mentally & physically (besides a few little extra fat rolls!) he seems to be coming along nicely!

I’m hoping we will be back in the saddle for a few rides in the coming week, I’ll have a few more ‘useful’ updates then!! 🙂 But it is all the work in between that matters as well!

Jak & Arnie together 🙂

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