About Dressage a Standardbreds Tale to Success

I created this masterpiece to dedicate my dressage journey the training & competing my beautiful standardbred gelding Arniwho. Who is currently competing EA Novice dressage in NSW. We are proudly sponsored by SPPHA NSW, we are very thankful for their on going  support.

Arnie was born and raised by my wonderful family back in 2000, Arnie has always been a solid part of our family even if he wasn’t the fastest horse in the world.He did however have 10 starts for 1 win, which he was retired after his win -it’s what we promised him!

Every day I’m always learning new, patience is most defiantly the key!

I hope to share our journey with everyone & bring insight to the wonderful world of Standardbred’s under saddle.

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The Beginning of Dressage Dreamers

I decided to create this website to not only promote Arnie and our dressage journey but to also write, share my thoughts and ideas of our training with everyone to help give insight on Standardbred’s under saddle in their new career.

This soon developed into Dressage Dreamers, with my blog writing and developing free resources to share with everyone. Dressage Dreamers is moving forward into being a positive network connecting and sharing resources for all equestrians. 

Stay tuned with Dressage Dreamers into 2018.

Freelancing Services

I am also available for any freelance work including and not limited to:

  • Blog and Article Writing 
  • Product Reviews
  • Article Research
  • Social Media Scheduling and Posts

There is no project too small or too large. 

Please visit here for more details, media kit available on request. 

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