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Arnie was born and raised by my wonderful family back in 2000, he has always been a solid part of our family even if he wasn’t the fastest horse in the world. Arnie did however have 10 starts for 1 win, which he was retired after his win -it’s what we promised him!

Back then the thought of putting Arnie under saddle didn't even cross my mind. Once Arnie retired from racing he was still used in track work with the younger horses, as he has a great laid back attitude. I also started my driving around this time. He was actually the first horse I drove behind the mobile in a trial! It was such an adrenaline rush, I felt like I was flying. But it wasn't until I started to get a few miles under my helmet and started driving other horses in the stables I found out Arnie wasn't all that quick!

During his years from retiring from racing I have enjoyed success in the Led Standardbred classes with many Champions and Supreme's including 2007 & 2009 first place in his Led class at Sydney Royal. It was during this time when I was working with Arnie away from the track I thought he might make a lovely hunter one day.

It wasn't until I had the urge to get back in the saddle I purchased my new riding horse, a beautiful chestnut Arabian Riding Pony mare called Lily. I purchased Lily as an unbroken rising 3 year old. At this stage I had no interest in competing in dressage, as my previous riding background had always been showing. Soon after I had Lily broken in I was looking around for someone to help continue her education, this is when I discovered dressage! I was fortunate to come across a great dressage coach who showed me the light into dressage.

You could say one thing led to another, it wasn't long until I had the saddle on Arnie! Since then, we haven't looked back. We are now competiting EA Novice level dressage and have fantastic sponsors  SPPHA NSW, which I'm very thankful for their on going support.

Every day I’m always learning new, patience is most defiantly the key! I hope to share our journey with everyone & bring insight to the wonderful world of Standardbred’s under saddle.

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The Beginning of Dressage Dreamers

I decided to create this website to not only promote Arnie and our own dressage journey. But to also write, share my thoughts and ideas of our training with everyone to help give insight on Standardbred’s under saddle in their new career. Also to inspire others that have Standardbred's not to give up.

This idea to share our journey soon developed into Dressage Dreamers, with my blog writing and developing free resources to share with everyone. But why Dressage Dreamers? Well you could say I'm a bit of a dreamer, glass half full kind of person. I've always stuck by that hard work is what gets you closer to your dreams and passion. Which is why I feel Dressage Dreamers is moving forward into a direction of a positive network to connect like minded equestrians.

Stay tuned with Dressage Dreamers into 2018, I'm always creating ideas!

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Dressage Dreamers is a community for like minded equestrians.

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